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Corporate Governance and Board Decisions

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Udgave 01, 2019 | 500 sider | ISBN 9788757443219


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The Danish Industrial Foundations

Industrial foundations are foundations that own companies. Typically, they combine charitable and business goals. This book is about industrial foundation ownership of business companies and what we can learn about it from the Danish evidence. It is about how foundation ownership is ruled, taxed and governed, what role it plays in the Danish economy, and how industrial foundation-owned companies perform. The book is the result of a large collaborative research project, led by the author, on industrial foundations.

Some global companies such as IKEA, Robert Bosch or the Tata Group are foundation-owned, but nowhere are they as numerous as in Denmark. Three of the four largest Danish companies – the pharma company Novo Nordisk, the shipping company A.P. Møller-Mærsk, and the Carlsberg brewery – are all foundation-owned. 


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Udgave 01, 2016 | 209 sider | ISBN 9788757436891


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Corporate Governance

Mechanisms and Systems

This exciting new text provides a complete introduction to Corporate Governance. It deals with the control and direction of companies by boards, owners and company law, and also looks at the mechanisms of governance and the different governance systems around the world. 

Key features include:

  • A theoretical, evidence-based approach drawing on research from across the globe.
  • Coverage of key governance mechanisms such as ownership, boards, incentives and CSR, as well as a formal analysis of agency problems.
  • Mini-cases, based on real life companies, with discussion questions to help put the theory into practice.
  • Dedicated chapters on governance systems from the United Kingdom, Germany, Japan, China, Scandinavia and Asia.

Co-published by McGraw-Hill Education 

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Udgave 01, 2012 | 380 sider | ISBN 9788757422955


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