Margrethe Smedegaard Mondahl


Professional Oral Communication in English

This book is intended for all users of English oral communication for business purposes. Students and practitioners alike.

"Professional Oral Communication" takes a 21st Century perspective on what it means to be an adult, professional learner of English, how the individual learner may consciously work to professionalize his or her existing competences, how these competences fir into the strategic considerations of today's business organizations, and how English is used as a business lingua franca and what the implications are of this use.

The book also takes a look at how learners may avail themselves of ICT top optimize their personal professionalization process.

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Udgave 01, 2010 | 105 sider | ISBN 9788762903814


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Mastering Oral Communication

Mastering Oral Communication is written primarily for MA students of English and for other professional users of oral communication. The book has a broad scope and may hopefully serve as a useful tool for advanced-level adult learners who want to gain an insight into the theoretical aspects behind professional, oral communicative competence, just as the book offers a number of different angles to understanding and researching oral communication.

Furthermore, the book contains two rather practical chapters about course planning and assignment design. Finally, the book is written in such a way that also users outside the university environment may find it useful in their attempts to upgrade their oral communication skills.

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Udgave 01, 2003 | 150 sider | ISBN 9788762902435


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