Per Andersen

Law and Legitimaty

af Per Andersen (red.), Cecilie Eriksen (red.), Bjarke Viskum (red.)

Law and legitimacy is an anthology arising from an interdisciplinary investigation into the relationship between law and legitimacy. In dealing with this time honored problematic, the collection offers a variety of new perspectives and a range of issues are discussed, including the legitimacy of the international criminal court, EU’s regulation of smoking and tobacco and the protection of consumers. The authors draw not only on legal sources in their investigations, but also on philosophy, history and sociology for a truly interdisciplinary approach to law and legitimacy.

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Udgave 1, 2015 | 208 sider | ISBN 9788757498257


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Law before Gratian

Proceedings of the third Carlsberg Academy Conference on Medieval Legal History
af Per Andersen (red.), Mia Münster-Swendsen (red.), Helle Vogt (red.)

This volume contains the proceedings from the conference ”Law before Gratian”.

The volume covers a wide range of topics from individual and local case studies to broader reflections on the status and function of law in medieval European societies before the scholastic legal 'revolution' of the later twelfth century. Seeking to broaden our view of constituted law in this period, the articles examine these earlier developments in their own right and provide new insights into the variety and complexity of early and high medieval approaches to law and jurisprudence..

This volume will be of interests to students and scholars working with in European legal culture and cultural, social, and economic history of the Middle Ages and the early modern period.

The publication of this volume is funded by The Carlsberg Foundation.

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Udgave 1, 2007 | 150 sider | ISBN 9788757416473


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