Djøf Publishing was founded in 1959 as an independent organisation under the Association of Danish Lawyers and Economists. Every year, we publish 130 new titles within subject areas of Law and Legal History, Economics, Business, Management and other Social Sciences. Our authors enjoy the highest esteem in academic and professional circles. 

The majority of our titles are in Danish, but each year we publish an increasing number of books in English to meet the international market demand.

Through international distributors and agents: SaxoThe Oxford Publicity Partnership LtdInternational Specialized Book Services and Marston, Djøf Publishing distributes books to Scandinavia, Europe, North America and the rest of the world. Counting over 100 English titles we are dedicated to publishing academic, scholarly, vocational and professional titles, stimulating and challenging the reader’s knowledge and practice. Have a look below and be inspired.

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Strategic CSR Communication

by Mette Morsing & Suzanne C. Beckmann



The Danish Economy 

In a Global Context

by Torben M. Andersen, Jan Bentzen, Svend Erik Hougaard Jensen, Valdemar Smith & Niels Westergård-Nielsen 


Strategic Investment and Finance

by Ove Hedegaard & Michael Hedegaard


VBA Programming in Business Economics

by Sanne Wøhlk


The Danish Industrial Foundations

by Steen Thomsen



EU- and International Law+


Between Regulation and Deregulation

by Christian Bergqvist



Under International Law

by John Kierulf 


Transnational Litigation and Commercial Arbitration 

An Analysis of American, European and International Law

By Joseph Lookofsky & Ketilbjørn Hertz


Free Movement in the European Union

Cases, Commentaries and Questions

by Morten P. Broberg & Nina Holst-Christensen


Patenting Nanomedicine in Europe

by Ana Nordberg


Qualification, Selection and Exclusion in EU Procurement

Martin Burgi, Steen Treumer & Martin Trybus (eds.)


Award of Contracts in EU Procurements

European Procurement Law Series vol. 5

Mario Comba & Steen Treumer (eds.)


Enforcement of the EU Public Procurement Rules

European Procurement Law Series vol. 3

Steen Treumer & Francois Lichére (eds.)


Modernising Public Procurement: The New Directive

European Procurement Law Series vol. 6

Francois Lichére, Roberto Caranta & Steen Treumer (eds.)


The Law of Green and Social Procurement in Europe

The European Procurement Law Series vol. 2 

Roberto Caranta & Martin Trybus (eds.) 


Outside the EU Procurement Directives - Inside the Treaty?

European Procurement Law Series vol. 4

Dacian C. Dragos & Roberto Caranta (eds.)


European Legal Method

- in a Multi-Level EU Legal Order

Ulla Neergaard & Ruth Nielsen (eds.)


The Role of Courts in Developing a European Social model

- Theoretical and Methodological Perspectives

Ulla Neergaard, Ruth Nielsen & Lynn M. Roseberry (eds.)


How Nordic are the Nordic Medieval Laws - Ten Years After

Proceedings from the 10th Carlsberg Conference on Medieval Legal History

Per Andersen, Kirsi Salonen, Helle I.M. Sigh & Helle Vogt (eds.)



European Union Private International Law in Contract and Tort

by Joseph Lookofsky & Ketilbjørn Hertz


Europe - The New Legal Realism

Essays in Honour of Hjalte Rasmussen

Henning Koch, Joseph H.H. Weiler, Karsten Hagel-Sørensen & Ulrich Haltern (eds.)


Abnormally Low Tenders

With an Emphasis on Public Tenderers

by Grith Skovgaard Ølykke


European Legal Method

- in a Multi-Level EU Legal Order

Ulla Neergaard & Ruth Nielsen (eds.)

Administration of Justice+

Arbitration in Denmark

by Christian Lundblad, Steffen Pihlblad & Claus Søgaard-Christensen

Constitutional & Administrative Law+


The Greenland Mineral Resources Act

The Law and Practice of Oil, Gas and Mining in Greenland

by Bo Sandroos


Human Rights in National Administrative Law

Dissemination of Knowledge of Human Rights through Administrative Decisions

by Ayo Næsborg-Andersen


Protecting the Rights of Others

Festschrift to Jens Vedsted-Hansen

Thomas Gammeltoft-Hansen, Ida Elisabeth Koch, Bettina Lemann Kristiansen & Sten Schaumburg-Müller (eds.)


West-Nordic constitutional Judicial Review 

- A Comparative Study of Scandinavian Judicial Review and Judicial Reasoning

by Kári á Rogvi


Contracts not covered

-by the Public Sector Directive

by Carina Risvig Hamer


Corporate Law+

Danish Business Law

- and educational textbook

by Lars Lindencrone Petersen & Bent Iversen

Private Equity

Transactions, Contracts and Regulation

by Thomas Krüger Andersen

The Danish Companies Act

- a modern and competetive European Law

by Paul Krüger Andersen & Evelyne Beatrix Sørensen

Criminal Law and Criminology+

Criminal Jurisdiction

A Nordic Perspective

Thomas Elholm & Birgit Feldtmann (eds.)

Criminal Law in Denmark

by Lars Bo Langsted, Peter Garde & Vagn Greve

Family Law and Law of Succession+


Family and Succession Law in Denmark

by Hans Viggo Godsk Pedersen & Ingrid Lund-Andersen


Interpreting Divorce Laws in Islam

Rubya Mehdi, Wener Menski & Jørgen S. Nielsen (eds.)


General Themes and Law History+

A Tribute to Joseph M. Lookofsky

Mads Bryde Andersen & René Franz Henschel (eds.)

Alf Ross

- a life

by Jens Evald

Conflict Management in the Family Field and in Other Close Relationships

Mediation as a way forward

Pia Deleuran (ed.)

Custom - Development and Use of a Legal Concept in the High Middle Ages

Proceedings of the 5th Carlsberg Academy Conference on Medieval Legal History

Per Andersen & Mia Münster-Swendsen (eds.)

Law and Disputing in the Middle Ages

Proceedings of the 9th Carlsberg Academy Conference on Medieval Legal History

Per Andersen, Kirsi Salonen, Helle I.M. Sigh & Helle Vogt (eds.)

Law and Legitimacy

Per Andersen, Cecilie Eriksen & Bjarke Viskum (eds.)

Law and Marriage in Medieval & Early Modern Times

Proceedings of the 8th Carlsberg Academy Conference on Medieval Legal History

Per Andersen, Kirsi Salonen, Helle I.M. Sigh & Helle Vogt (eds.)

Law and Power in the Middle Ages

Proceedings of the Fourth Carlsberg Academy Conference on Medieval Legal History

Per Andersen, Mia Münster-Swendsen & Helle Vogt (eds.)

Law and Religion in the 21th. Century - Nordic Perspectives

Lisbet Christoffersen, Kjell Å Modéer & Svend Andersen (eds.)

Legal Method in Danish Law

by Peter Blume

Legal Research Methods in a Modern World: A Coursebook

by J. Paul Lomio, Henrik Spang-Hanssen & George D. Wilson

Reflexive Mediation

With a Sustainable Perspective

by Vibeke Vindeløv

The History of Danish Law

Selected Articles and Bibliography

by Ditlev Tamm

The Supreme Court of Denmark

by Jens Peter Christensen, John Erichsen & Ditlev Tamm

Intellectual Property Law+

Advertising Law

Marketing Law and Commercial Freedom of Expression

by Caroline Heide-Jørgensen

Aims and Values in Competition Law

Caroline Heide-Jørgensen, Christian Bergqvist, Ulla Neergaard & Sune Troels Poulsen (eds.)

British and French Copyright

A historical study of Aesthetic Implications

by Stina Teilmann-Lock

Can Law Make Life (too) Simple?

From gene patents to the patenting of environmentally sound technologies

by Tine Sommer

Intellectual Property Law in Denmark

by Thomas Riis

Regulating competition in the EU

by Bent Iversen, Pernille Wegener Jessen, Bent Ole Gram Mortensen, Michael Steinicke & Karsten Engsig Sørensen

Labour Law+

EU Labour Law

by Ruth Nielsen

Labour Law in Denmark

by Ole Hasselbalch

The growing conflict between European uniformity and national flexibility

The case of Danish flexicurity and European harmonisation of working conditions

by Jens Kristiansen

Law of Property, Contract & Tort+

Proactive Law in a Business Environment

Gerlinde Berger-Walliser & Kim Østergaard (eds.)

The CISG Convention and Domestic Contract Law

Harmony, Cross-Inspiration or Discord?

Joseph Lookofsky & Mads Bryde Andersen (eds.)

The Nordic Contracts Act

Essays in Celebration of its One Hundreth Anniversary

by Torgny Håstad

Understanding the CISG

by Joseph Lookofsky

Tax Law+

Yearbook for Nordic Tax Research 2012

Tax Expenditures

Jane Bolander (ed.)

Organization and Management+


An Actor's Approach to Management

Conceptual framework and company practices

by Morten Jakobsen, Inga-Lill Johansson & Hanne Nørreklit


Organizational Leadership

New Studies in Strategy, Innovation and Enterpreneurship

by Nicolai Juul Foss


Power in Projects, Programs and Portfolios

Achieve project excellence and create change with strategic impact

by John Ryding Olsson & Mette Lindegaard Attrup


Preparing for the Unexpected

Design of the Future Global Enterprise

Poul Houman Andersen, Hanne Kragh, Jakob Lauring & Mai S. Linneberg (eds.)




Building the Nation

N.F.S. Grundtvig and Danish National Identity

John A. Hall, Ove Korsgaard & Ove K. Pedersen (eds.)


Collaborative Innovation

by Jacob Torfing


Business and Politics in the European Union

Cases in Services, Agricultures and Textiles

by Peter Nedergaard


N.F.S. Grundtvig

- as a Political Thinker

by Ove Korsgaard


Public Administration in Transition

Theory, Practice, Methodology

Eva Sørensen & Gunnar Gjeldstrup (eds.)


Shared Responsibility

The United Nations in the Age of Globalization

by Carsten Staur


Social Europe: A Dead End

What the eurozone crisis is doing to Europe's social dimension

Arnaud Lechevalier & Jan Wielgohs (eds.) 


Work and the Welfare State

Street-Level Organizations and Workfare Politics

Evelyn Z. Brodkin & Gregory Marston (eds.)


Industrial Relations in Denmark

From conflict-based consensus to consensus-based conflict

 by Carsten Strøby Jensen



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