The Danish Fur Industry

Structure, competitiveness and international position

af Henning Otte Hansen

Udgave 1 2016
369 sider
Indbinding: Hardcover
ISBN: 9788757436198

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About the book

The fur skin industry – and the entire value chain from fur farmer to retail trading – is in many ways an interesting and instructive example: Fur skin production may be considered Denmark’s most competitive profession. Furthermore, fur skin is the only unsubsidised agricultural product around. Moreover, it is the agricultural product that has the strongest international outlook of all. Sales are concentrated on booming export markets. Denmark is among the world’s leading producers of mink fur skin, and an even larger share of the world’s production of fur skin is sorted and sold in Denmark.

In conjunction with this highly competitive sales position, the fur skin market is characterised by substantial changes: A considerable share of fur processing activities has relocated from the West to mainly China in the course of the latest decades. The international division of work and specialisation in the sector is extreme.

Furthermore, a fur cluster has evolved with direct links to the fashion and design industries, and to research, development and training. Owing to this forward move in the value chain, a relation to the international end-users of fur has taken shape.

In this book, the author explores the development, position, competitiveness and business economic context of the Danish fur industry. Furthermore, the book offers an overview of the international fur sector and elucidates international fur trade and specialisation. The fur industry end market has previously been described only sporadically, and the data basis has been limited. For the first time ever, this book offers a professional description and analysis of both the Danish and the global fur industry.

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