Studier i europæisk samarbejde / Studies in European Integration

Contestation of EU Enlargement and European Neighbourhood Policy

af Magdalena Góra (red.), Natasza Styczynska (red.), Marcin Zubek (red.)

This book investigates the domestic sources of two components of the EU Foreign Policy directed toward its closest neighbourhood: the EU Enlargement and the European Neighbourhood Policy (ENP). The book employs various methodologies and approaches to uncover the main actors, arguments and arenas that are engaged in the processes of contestation, legitimization and politicisation of the EU’s relations with its neighbours. In doing so, it highlights how these policies are contested by civil society, political parties and in parliamentary debates at the EU level and in member states.

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Udgave 1, 2019 | 290 sider | ISBN 9788757443264


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Social Europe: A Dead End

What the eurozone crisis is doing to Europe's social dimension
af Arnaud Lechevalier (red.), Jan Wielgohs (red.)

About the book

In the context of the eurozone crisis and its current management, the long ‘road to Social Europe’ appears to have become a dead end. The present volume explores in a comprehensive and interdisciplinary way the processes and driving forces at the root of the current social downward spiral. It examines also the main social consequences of the eurozone crisis.

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Udgave 1, 2015 | 278 sider | ISBN 9788757434378


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