UCPH Fiscal Relations Law Journal (FIRE Journal)

The FIRE Journal is Open Access and available here.

UCPH Fiscal Relations Law Journal (FIRE Journal) aims to be the ideal publication platform for innovative and entrepreneurial lawyers, scholars, and students writing on a broad array of topics relating to tax law and fiscal matters. The journal welcomes interdisciplinary contributions that combine tax law with another legal field or another scientific discipline. Thus, the journal very much welcomes innovative research that applies new methods or theories or offers new solutions to fiscal problems. Without disregarding traditional concerns of tax law, the journal is interested in analyses of new fiscal concerns and their critical assessment. Submissions are required, however, to address tax law or fiscal matters in some way.

The journal has been established in close collaboration between FIRE – Fiscal Relations Research Group and Research Group on Law Teaching and Learning, both at the Faculty of Law, University of Copenhagen (UCPH), DJOEF Publishing, and the Danish Foundation for Entrepreneurship. .

The journal is published 3-4 times a year. The journal accepts contributions in English, Danish, Swedish and Norwegian. The journal employs double blind peer-review. .

Editorial Board

  • Associate Professor Karina Kim Egholm Elgaard
  • Professor Rasmus Kristian Feldthusen
  • Assistant Professor Graham Butler
  • Project Student Humayun Zia Choudhary
  • Assistant Professor Alexandra Horváthová
  • Consultant Maiken Stensgaard Hølmkjær
  • Attorney-at-law Mette Christina Juul
  • Assistant Professor Juan A. Mayoral
  • Postdoc Frank Høgholm Pedersen
  • Assistant Professor Beatriz Martinez Romera

FIRE – Fiscal Relations Research Group

The purpose of FIRE – Fiscal Relations Research Group, Faculty of Law, University of Copenhagen, is to contribute nationally as well as internationally to further the development of research and education within direct and indirect tax law including actively to serve as the link between law students, researchers, public institutions, and the business community with the aim to strengthen the academic and educational environment within direct and indirect tax law.

Homepage of FIRE – Fiscal Relations Research Group

Latest Issue


    Issue no. 1 (Vol. 2018)

    Article no. 1:
    Den nye aktiesparekonto – styrker og svagheder by Asger Mølgaard

    Article no. 2:
    Den momsretlige behandling af fertilitetsbehandlinger – i et EU- og relationsretligt perspektiv by Janne West Olafsson

    Article no. 3:
    Fællesregistrering – Frihed under ansvar by Lasse Haugaard Thomsen