Danish Journal of Management & Business 


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The journal has not been published since 2016. 

Danish Journal of Management & Business communicates research results within the field of management and business economics. The journal publishes articles with focus on the Danish and international development trends related to Danish circumstances with reference to both the public and private sector. The journal is research based, but emphasises the integration of theory and practice. 

Editorial board

  • Professor, ph.d. Per Nikolaj Bukh
  • Professor, ph.d. Kurt Klaudi Klausen
  • Professor, ph.d. Niels Peter Mols
  • Professor, ph.d. Dana Minbaeva

Latest issues

No. 1 2016, Volume 80

  • Editorial
  • Challenging traditional leadership behaviors in a distributed and ambiguous knowledge-intensive work environment
  • Interaction enablers, drivers and barriers of collaborative innovation projects between small firms and academia
  • Implementation of lean in the elderly care sector; how does it affect the behaviour of the organisation members?
  • Bullying in a large Danish municipality: The moderating role of social support
  • Performance effect of Lean: a complete implementation matters
  • Global leadership as a driver of corporate coherence

No. 4 2015, Volume 79

  • Introduction
  • Is the partner the Don Quixote of the 21st century corporate world? 

    The Dilemma of Professional Partnerships
  • The information content of note disclosures and MD&A information in the financial report – A study of market reactions in Denmark
  • Who gets promoted? The impact of former work experience on internal promotion in public sector companies

No. 3 2015, Volume 79

  • Introduction
  • Leaders facilitate work engagement: A study on frontline employees in a Danish retail bank
  • Co-creating new meaning: towards the patient-centric hospital?
  • The Counterproductive Effects of Role-Conflict Management: The Challenges Facing Managers in Transitions to Stigmatized Roles
  • Testing the OLI model: Is Entry Mode Choice Important for Non-financial and Financial Performance?

No. 2 2015, Volume 79

  • Introduction 
  • Facilitation as a management discipline to support organisational development processes
  • How can SMEs support growth in a low-growth region? A longitudinal study of SME growth facilitation
  • Cluster Management Institutionalisation 
  • Judgment in an auditor’s materiality assessment
  • Editors’ corner

No. 1 2015, Volume 79

  • Editorial 
  • Passing through organizational death - How organizational members narrate the fall and rise of their work world
  • Women in top management positions - why so few? And does it matter?
  • Prioritisation of marketing investments in different types of marketing functions
  • Sourcing excellence: A strategic framework of understanding
  • Editors’ corner