The Supreme Court of Denmark


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Udgave 1, 2015 | ISBN 9788757431223
121 sider | Softcover

About the book

The book provides a compelling view into the heart and history of the Supreme Court of Denmark. Justice of the Supreme Court of Denmark Jens Peter Christensen places the Court within a constitutional setting and describes the role and everyday functions of the Court. John Erichsen, M.A. in History and Art History, guides us through the magnificent premises of the Court, located in the heart of Copenhagen, in Christiansborg – the palace that also houses the Danish Parliament and the Prime Minister’s Office, as well as the Royal Reception Rooms. Ditlev Tamm, Professor of Legal History at the University of Copenhagen, reviews the history of the Supreme Court of Denmark from the Court’s birth in 1661. Even though the Court was born as a child of absolutism it subsequently strived for the independence that came to be guaranteed by the democratic 1849 Constitution of the Kingdom of Denmark.

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