The Role of Courts in Developing a European Social model


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- Theoretical and Methodological Perspectives
af Ulla Neergaard (red.), Ruth Nielsen (red.), Lynn M. Roseberry (red.)
Udgave 1, 2010 | ISBN 9788757421729
356 sider | Softcover

This book brings together essays by leading legal scholars from a number of European countries on the trends in the development - and the theoretical and methodological implications - of the European courts' role(s) in developing a European Social Model. The focus of the essays is on the role of the courts at both national and supra-national level. The term European Social Model is used in a broad sense as referring to any kind of a European model of society. The essays are based on papers presented at a research conference held at the Copenhagen Business School, Denmark, on 18 September 2009.

The book contains ten contributions altogether, each of which addresses different dimensions of the general theme. The three contributions in Part One represent a horizontal approach to the European courts' role(s) in the development of the European Social Model in that each essay examines the courts' treatment of issues arising across different subject areas. Part Two includes contributions that consider the courts' role(s) in a specific subject area: Spaventa on citizenship, Rönnmar on labour, and Roseberry on fundamental rights. The final part consisting of four essays investigate more explicitly theoretical and methodological aspects.

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