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Create results through involvement
Udgave 1, 2017 | ISBN 9788757438734
258 sider | Hardcover

About the book

Changes must be managed in order to achieve the desired effect. If you are responsible for managing change processes and ensuring thatthe changes do in fact happen, facilitation is one of the answers.

In Facilitation, professional facilitators generously share their years of work experience, methods, tools together with big and small tips and tricks, which can enhance the toolbox of trained and untrained facilitators.

The book discusses how to create dynamic meetings, workshops and processes in which the participants take ownership of the solution, maintain high energy, while achieving the desired results.

The book provides you with a large toolbox that covers planning, execution and implementation of workshop design and results plus makes a difference for managers, employees and organisations.

Facilitation is about achieving results by involving the human resources of the organisation and creating meaning, energy and stronger relationships between people.


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